A High Performance Natural Building Material

Light Straw Clay is a mixture of straw and clay; formed into a semi-structural non- load bearing, wall infill system.

To make Light Straw Clay, straw is mixed with clay rich “slip” (clay/mineral combination that has been dispersed in water) in an appropriate ratio. The material is then loaded into a formed light frame wall. As the material is loaded higher the forms are moved upward until the wall cavity has been completely filled with Light Straw Clay and then the forms are removed.

The light framing is left in place and supports the structural loads of the building. The Light Straw Clay material is then allowed to dry and covered with a protective coating of earth, lime or gypsum plaster.

n  Good Insulating Value

n  Efficient Moisture Management

n  Semi-structural

n  Mold Resistant

n  Sound Resistant

n  Comfort

n  Ecologically Sustainable

n  Economically Beneficial

n  Fire Resistance

n  Finishing:

Light Straw Clay can be finished with a variety of coverings. Different plaster and stucco finishes of earth, lime, gypsum or lime cement renders with silicate mineral coatings can be applied directly to the surface. Depending on the design requirement, materials with different permanence can be used to direct moisture drive and different textures can be achieved to meet aesthetic and practical needs. Generally smoother finished are done inside and rougher finishes are done on the outside. Cladding of wood or fiber cement siding is also an acceptable option with the proper ventilation detail.